Marco Roberto Nava

Marco Roberto Nava

Certified Public Accountant - Partner

Born in Milan in 1960, he graduated in Business Administration in 1983 at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan.
He succeeded in the public exam obtaining the license as Certified Chartered Accountant in 1988; since then he has been registered with the Milan Certified Public Accountant Board.
He has been registered with the Register of Auditors since its first publication in 1995 – no. 63507 (Official Gazette no. 32 bis # 28 April 1995).
He graduated in Law in 1993 at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan.

Expert in business and tax law, he is a professional supporting Italian and foreign companies, groups and entities operating in different economic sectors, as well as entities in the third sector (NPOs). Expert in extraordinary transactions, companies’ acquisition and valuation.
Mr. Nava holds supervisory roles in industrial, commercial, financial and service companies and NPOs.
He is a member of Supervisory Boards (Legislative Decree 231) and is a statutory auditor as well.
He is registered in the AICQ SICEV ISO 9001 Register as Director of Assessment Group, operating in several sectors including banking / finance, insurance and services.

Mr. Nava has published articles and devoted books (“Le perizie di stima”, UTET Torino, on the valuation of companies with regard to the most important extraordinary financial transactions – mergers, demergers, transfers, disposals of companies, capital increases).

Since its foundation in 1992, he has been a partner and a Chartered Accountant at Nava Viganò & Associati.