What we do


Corporate clients are offered business, tax, contractual, organizational and financial advice and support, as well as administrative, custodial, audit services and compliance with privacy regulations.

During the last twenty years the firm has developed strong expertise in M&A which has resulted in the creation of a department exclusively dedicated to mergers, acquisitions and due diligence.

The Mergers & Aquisitions department is made up of professionals and collaborators who support clients during negotiations, as well as in governing and supervising due diligence and in negotiating, defining and formalizing contracts. The Firm has consolidated relationships with other equity investment institutions and the selection of potential purchasers/sellers.

The “No Profit” department guarantees specific professionalism and expertise to meet the needs of a rapidly developing sector.

The “Custody Services” department allows the custodial registration of securities and real estate assets, guaranteeing confidentiality and protection to the client..